LEAVE THE BAGS TILL LATER LUV ! Artist Mike Jackson Original Watercolor

Once again and a great matching image to THE HARBOUR Mike's study of life.... How many times ariving at the holiday destination either abroad or close to home have you seen or heard the shout "LEAVE THE BAGS LUV WE'LL GO STRAIGHT TO THE BEACH! ? so here it is right down to adopting the position, beer, umbrella and luggage......whilst she has her place in the sun with peeking going despite the sign, dont forget the dog and cat have once again returned and i can see the chimminey sweep is busy. Framed and ready to hang. 22" x 15" (56cm x 38cm) unframed Limited edition print available Framed £198.00 Not including Carriage

    4 Cross St, Seaton EX12 2LH, UK

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