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    In August 1719 HMS SUPERB captured an 8-gun Spanish privateer.


    In April 1720, Superb was sent back to Woolwich for substantial repairs and subsequently served under Captain Arthur Field as a guard  ship at Sheerness and then at Chatham. She was fitted out at Portsmouth before being sent to the West Indies in 1725 where she later joined Admiral Francis Hosier's fleet and during the Anglo-Spanish War took part in the unsuccessful blockade of Porto Bello.


    In 1726 Commander, later Captain, John Price took command. He died in December 1727. Captain Edward St Lo succeeded Price, initially just as Captain of the ship but then also as Commodore of the squadron, but St Lo also died while in command, on 22 April 1729.


    Captain Peter Solgard took over and Superb returned to home waters at the end of the hostilities, where she remained for the rest of her career.

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