Farm Garden at Zalanpotk Transyvania, Artist Alan Cotton


Original Pen & Ink


Whilst travelling with The Prince of Wales we had much discussion about sustainable farming and he talked about Transylvania as having true sustainability in its agriculture, maintaining an entire eco system. I later discovered that he had restored a group of houses and barns in a remote village in Transylvania to help support sustainable farming through tourism.  I decided this would be the next place I would like to go to paint. We contacted his office and they gave us lots of advice and said that we could have the Prince’s house for our stay in Zalanpatak. It was the most amazing experience, with wild-flower meadows, hayricks and vegetable plots everywhere. There were no tractors, just carts pulled by bullocks or horses. It must have been the way England was farmed before the industrial revolution. Most fascinating were the old barns and I spent many hours drawing them and including them in my paintings.

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