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Grandpa's is Moving to Seaton Art, Frame & Print on 10 Fore Street, Seaton!

Updated: Mar 30

Grandpa's News - December 2023 the close of year 7 trading as Grandpas Gallery & interiors.

Through the years that included days of government orders of forced closure and thoughts of “so how do we continue” to we need to adapt to the changes of high street shopping, only to then experience personal challenges to my wellbeing culminating in learning to walk again.

During these past years I have been so incredibly blessed to have good friends who stepped up and made very sure that Grandpas Gallery & interiors continued serving not only our home town of Seaton, but the wider www market place also, how they did it fascinates me.

So here we are December 2023, Grandpa is back at the helm once again to steer this vessel into new waters and the merging of three local businesses JazCott Printing & Framing, Art of the Jurassic Coast & Grandpa's Gallery & interiors with a new home no longer in Cross Street but on Fore Street, Seaton.

Mark Bradshaw & Grandpa are so excited to have the opportunity not just to continue serving our home town but to offer what 7 years has taught us both in doing so.

The high street identification will be seen on the building as:

Continuing to provide amazing art from Mike Jackson, Barry Seaforth, Bob Bradshaw, Fiona Lindsey and a guest Artist every four weeks.

Interiors are in the form of antique and vintage pond yachts, interior furniture and collectibles, to business printing & banners, fine art reproduction printing to framing and Seaton focused giftware.

We also have Mike Jackson as artist in residence, demonstrating his painting skills in the gallery two Thursdays a month.

So, we welcome you to both celebrate and share in our third stretch as fine businesses with the added interest Mark Bradshaw has to offer.

We look forward to seeing you on our opening, check out on or email: for more information, subscribe to our site

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