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An August Update from Grandpa...

Life at Grandpas has proven to be beyond our expectations or should we say 'business plan' from the disappointing Grizzly weekend where snow decided that 2018 the Grizzly will offer a little more of a challenge than usual, I remember watching the runners who braved it out running up Fore Street in the snow and ice to the Gateway to record their achievement. So the Gallery with many exhibitions and artist appearances behind us, competitions, festivals, we are delighted to say that the Gallery along with Bob Bradshaw, Mike Jackson, Barry Seaforth and Michael Stride will be moving in October to an amazing new location within Seaton, keep an eye on the site and social media to discover where. We are delighted to announce that in addition to the artists currently represented within Grandpas, the news that Sue Lewin a truly gifted seascape artist and it has to be said sign writer.

Sue Lewin’s paintings are inspired by the dramatic light and mood of sea and sky, and natural landscape.

Sue Lewin’s paintings reflect her interest in geology and a love of nature and travel. The drama of storm features regularly in her work, reflecting patterns of fleeting light movements; it has drama coupled with a soft intensity. This can also be seen by her curious figures of either solitary walkers or group figures that meander like clouds along the beachscape. You want to know what these people are doing so you enquire deeper into her pictures.

Sue’s interpretation of this ammonite laden Dorset coast gives us more than the naturalistic form of landscape; she fills us with a sense of space and time that falls into you, much like her endless eroding cliffs.

We recently took part in the Cultural Quarters exhibition here in Seaton where a number of local artists took the position of 'Artist in Residence' for the day where visitors to our town enjoyed the opportunity to meet the artists.

The final exhibition planned within the Gallery is organised by Gill Elliot following her recent successful expo.

So, exciting few weeks ahead of us, Sue Lewin in the Gallery, Gill Elliot in the Gallery and a new home from October with yet the best news for the art community and Christmas surprises for the little and not so little ones for Christmas.


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