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Finding our feet...

So Grandpas Gallery has been open to the good folk of Seaton for six weeks officially, I have been overwhelmed by the good wishes and encouraging remarks about the Gallery along with the quality of maritime artists wishing to have their works hung within, I am blessed too with both Mike Jackson with his differing genre that delivers a smile from all who stand to take in his art, and Bob Bradshaw whos work just amazes me from his collectable watercolour and his latest Acrylic geometric Jurassic Art collection. As guest artists hanging in the Gallery we have Michael Stride a named local maritime artist & Monty and last but not least three artists who are part of the Wapping Group of artists. Sidney Cardew, Dennis Pannett and John Killens amazing art both oil and watercolour you can look at their work online and read about their amazing journey to the Gallery.

It has been an emotional 6 weeks finding a rhythm to this new life as a functioning Gallery and one that has brought with it many new ideas, thoughts and dreams as well as some tears and sleepless nights. We have seen all sorts of people pop by which has been brilliant everyone from awe inspired children to local veterans eager to show their support and regards. Each face and visitor has left a mark and quickly becoming apart of Grandpas Gallery's journey and history so thank you.

Now its time to get to grips with all this social media that the kids do these days and keep those paintings flying out the doors.

We recently enjoyed both Mike Jackson and Bob Bradshaw painting in the Gallery and answering questions, something we must do again so keep looking at the Live @ Grandpas bit on the website Our next event will be the Grizzly where both Mike & Bob are producing artwork to be shared in the Gallery during the week leading up to the event itself, mounted prints will also be available. So thank you for the support and hope to see you during Grizzly week.


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