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Lez Gray

About the Artist

I  was the kid the teachers told to write or paint as a career, I didn’t, and for most of my life I chased a career in corporate management. But the itch never left me and so I started throwing myself at evening classes and when friends started offering to buy my work, I knew it was time to buy decent materials and follow my passion.

Now we live in this beautiful part of Devon, inspiration is all around and no excuses remain.

For me art should be an honest expression of the moment, captured without over thinking, sometimes using big brushes and instinct others with the smallest of strokes. I use a variety of medium in my work: oils for the shimmer and flow, watercolours for the adventure of not knowing what the pigment will do and acrylic for the weight and immediacy they bring.

By night I teach yoga by day I paint. Both seek the elusive moment, drawing breath in balance or combining pigments to show a splash of light or colour glimpsed earlier.

I hope you enjoy my work as much as I did creating it.



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