D.A. Coleman

Born in 1972, and now living in East Devon, Antoinette spent the first ten years of her life in Pembrokeshire, Wales, regularly visiting all its fine beaches and acquiring a deep love of the coast. Today, Antoinette has a particular fondness for the village of Beer where fishing boats still dominate, and she can often be seen on Beer beach studying the boats and working out various compositions for her next painting.

Antoinette has always had a love of art and is self-taught, having spent a good number of years studying art history and art theory, experimenting with different mediums and generally enjoying her passion. For years, she harboured a secret ambition to become a professional artist, but it was in 2019, after receiving a life-changing diagnosis of breast cancer, that Antoinette finally became determined to fulfil her dream.

Antoinette predominantly works in oils, using a limited palette to help create colour harmony. She uses acrylic paste underneath the oils to create depth and texture for the shingle on Beer’s famous beach. It is important to Antoinette to keep the boats entirely representational, often spending hours getting every detail as close to perfect as possible, but allowing herself more freedom of expression in other areas of her work, especially skies which she also loves to paint.

As well as painting boats, Antoinette likes to paint loose, atmospheric landscapes mostly from imagination.