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Sue Lewin

Sue Lewin’s paintings are inspired by the dramatic light and mood of sea and sky, and natural landscape and reflect her interest in geology and a love of nature and travel.

The drama of storm features regularly in her work, reflecting patterns of fleeting light movements; it has drama coupled with a soft intensity. This can also be seen by her curious figures of either solitary walkers or group figures that meander like clouds along the beachscape. You want to know what these people are doing so you enquire deeper into her pictures.

Sue’s interpretation of this ammonite laden Dorset coast gives us more than the naturalistic form of the landscape; she fills us with a sense of space and time that falls into you, much like her endless eroding cliffs.

Techniques; Sue works mainly in acrylics and occasionally stirring in the sand and blue lias and natural pigment into the paint. Working sometimes on textured canvas, layering paint with tones of colour to create depth. The atmosphere is created by the subtlest of transitions from dark to light, dry brushing, and utilizing a palette knife to pick up texture and highpoints. The results sparkle with sea salt and light.

Sue is a member of the Lyme Regis Town mill Arts guild and has four annual exhibitions at the Town Mill courtyard gallery.

More of Sue’s paintings can be viewed on her web site

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