Anthony Stigle

About the Artist


Anthony’s interest in producing this form of sculptures developed when he worked at Chatham Historic Dockyard as a tour guide. As “Chatham Royal Dockyard” it   had for over 400 years built ships and submarines for the Royal Navy. It is now a trust that has preserved ships and extensive collections of shipbuilding tools and artefacts.  It was his exposure to this that gave him the inspiration for these works.


He developed an interest in ceramics and sculpture while at school in Kent the late1970s. After leaving school he trained in social work but continued his interest part time at a pottery studio. The building was shared with a photographer and his interests moved to professional photography. He spent 13 years in Forensic Photography with Kent Police and after this he worked from his own main street studio as a freelance photographer. From here he undertook commercial and social photography commissions both nationally and internationally. He has much published work as a specialist in aviation photography.

Now living in East Devon Anthony has a purpose built studio in which to develop these unique and inspirational sculptures.