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George Hutchinson

With his initial roots embedded in the industrial North, George discovered the respite afforded by the tranquil electric blues and greens that so epitomise the spectacular scenery of the South West region.

Traveling from his Devonshire home to various coastal towns, George finds endless inspiration for his unique original style, often citing Alfred Wallace as one of the early influences on his technique. Opting for bold colour interactions, George does his utmost to showcase the highlights of this special part of the world.



George works predominantly in acrylic. His free-flowing expression was first noted at school, later maturing after many visits to the South West region, whereby he learned to cleverly synergise the bold interaction of colour with the various shapes and symmetry so atypical of the seascape panoramas which continues to influence his body of work.


Inspired by the natural beauty of Devon and Cornwall, George creates stunning colourful impressions that manage to capture the very essence of seaside landscapes and the happy times they evoke. George’s work has been exhibited at various galleries throughout the UK and his work is now becoming highly sought after both nationally and internationally because of his unique style and interpretation.

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