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Mark Taylor Hutchinson

With a background in dive/wildlife photojournalism, including being the previous Editor of an international dive magazine, Mark’s body of work has featured regularly in the dive and wildlife/lifestyle press. As a keen wildlife photographer Mark has now extended his creative leanings into wildlife painting.

In 2018 Mark’s painting of a great white shark was nominated for Wildlife Artist of the Year by The David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation and was exhibited at The Mall Galleries London.

Sharks, seabirds, and raptors remain Mark’s primary interest and he has dived most of the world’s oceans on official assignments to photograph his quarry. Lately, Mark has also been keen to photograph many notable UK species as a source of inspiration for future painting subjects.


Mark’s paintings commence with his own photographic observations in the wild, whether this be diving with sharks, crocodiles, visiting seabird colonies, or spending time with raptors. Acrylic is Mark’s preferred medium due to the bold striking colours this affords with the occasional diversion into pen and ink illustrations. Mark will also undertake field sketches to inform his final highly detailed compositions which take some time to complete.


Paintings are based on Mark’s actual wild interactions, which not only gives his work authenticity, but also a sense of uniqueness by capturing that special 1:1 moment. Mark’s wildlife photography has also been published widely. A transition into painting was the next logical step for Mark’s creative expression. Through art, Mark wants to convey the beauty of global iconic species and do his utmost to promote the key message that sharks and other apex predators are far more complex animals than merely gnashing teeth and deserve our utmost respect and protection.

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