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Each new painting is an experiment in Brushwork. I try to keep each new painting fresh and to capture the light playing on the scene in front of me. The camera is a very important tool as the light changes so quickly.

A new subject offers new possibilities. My work is continually developing and evolving.
Most of my paintings are completed in the Studio using Photographic reference and on-site sketches. They are representative of the scene but not too detailed or fussy, and usually completed in two sessions- about 6 hours. This forces me not to get Bogged down in detail and keeps the painting alive and fresh.
I am intrigued by the light, be it early morning or at Sundown. This can involve some early rising with the camera. The Winter light can be amazing, if not rather chilly.

As the saying goes “you have to suffer for your Art”.

I greatly admire the work of past artists such as Walter Sickert and Edward Sego.

I am usually to be found sketching around my local towns of Seaton, Sidmouth, Beer, Colyton, and Axmouth. 

My work can also be found in Private collections in Hampshire, Devon, Cornwall, Wales Switzerland, and Australia.

I hope you enjoy my work and it evokes a Memory for you to Cherish."

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