A small glimpse ...

Grandpa's Gallery and Interiors, a dream of mine for quite some time. 

It all began when I was a young boy my father would tell me of his adventures sailing the world with the Merchant Navy showing me pictures of his ships as they slowly sailed their way into the history books.

My mother's passion for family and art would see her walls laced with beautiful frames, faces, and memories.

The family found a home in Seaton on the coast of England and since I was 19 I worked in the design world and found a great love for creating homes that were not only practical but also beautiful.


So fast forward to today, I recently became a Grandpa for the first time to the most amazing little boy, Cayo King and in this new season I figured it time to open the doors to Grandpa's Gallery, a space for the art I love so dear and a shop to host items both new and old that I truly believe will add a touch of beauty and culture to any room, house, and home. 





4 Cross St, Seaton EX12 2LH, UK

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